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eXtv: Gullywash Medic Tutorial

We got a new tutorial up on YouTube, again featuring eXtine’s medic play from a #TF2.Pug.NA pick up game, and features eMg Mackey and coL enigma. Leave your thoughts on his new microphone!

eXtv: Koth_Viaduct Medic Tutorial

ESEA-O Playoff match between SpaceWhales and Just4Fame, eXtine breaks down how to play Medic in a 6v6 Koth_Viaduct match.

eXtv: Intro to Competitive TF2

This video is intended for our viewers who have perhaps never seen Team Fortress 2 and really don’t know what its about. I explain the setup, the format, and briefly get into the strategy of the game.

Competitive Scout Tutorial

eC?Forsaken produced this Tutorial on how to play Competitive Scout for eXtv. It covers some very good basic concepts for playing 6v6 Scout.

How To Make Custom Uniforms / Skins

eXtine’s tutorial on how the Skin process works for eXtv. Necessary files included.

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