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ESEA Season 10 LAN

Mar 21, 2012 by Dyonysus

What’s up everyone? This is the ESEA Season 10 LAN Playoffs wrap up that was played in Dallas, Texas, on the 2-4th of March weekend.

Quantic Legacy gets the number one seed going into this LAN, boasting an impressive 15-1 record losing only to their nemesis, Classic Mixup, on cp_gravelpit. Formerly known as eMazing Gaming, then Prophets ft. Dashner, Quantic Legacy has always put up strong performance during the regular season and playoffs, thanks in no small part to enoryt’s leadership. They will most likely assert their dominance and win the whole tournament again.

Player Line-Up - Quantic Legacy SelectShow

After the season 9 LAN playoffs, Classic Mixup stood out as one of the scariest LAN teams. With quite a few player and role switches, they overcame those disadvantages, and took second place last time around. Imagine what kind of monstrosity that they could be capable of if they played to their full potential. After finishing this season with a stylish 14-2 record, they are out looking for blood (Quantic Legacy’s, specifically) to claim what’s rightfully theirs: the championship title.

Player Line-Up - Classic Mixup SelectShow

Ah, the eXperiment, the unluckiest team of this season. First, their starting scout refused to practice and go to LAN, then they realised that they need some financial help to get to the event (any team who is without a dedicated sponsor are prone to this problem). Fortunately, in the end, they got their sixth, plane tickets, and they are ready to rock this LAN. Big ups to sycknesS for stepping up, and also to everyone who donated toward the eXperiment LAN fund. If you contributed, you should give yourself a big boy (or girl) high-five, because you deserved it.

Player Line-Up - The Experiment SelectShow

Every LAN has an underdog, and this time it’s High Rollers Gaming. It’s their first season in Invite, and they are looking to prove themselves at the most prestigious and intense event of the season. They narrowly took their LAN spot from veteran team Area 51 Gaming, but it isn’t enough just to be in the top four. They want the trophy, and they have their work cut out for them. It’s an uphill battle, but come victory or defeat, they can hold their heads high knowing they can hang with the top dogs of North American Competitive 6v6.

Player Line-Up - High Rollers Gaming SelectShow


ESEA_Orange: eXtine, Greaver, Greg (Team Infused), PYYYOUR (LASER BEAMS).
eXtvEsports: cbear, djc, Sigma, Bloodsire, milehighmilitia.

We also have Mikal++ and Salamancer on-site!


Championship Bracket SelectShow

Lower Bracket Round 2 SelectShow

Upper Bracket Round 2 SelectShow

Lower Bracket Round 1 SelectShow



Upper Bracket Round 1

Quantic Legacy vs. High Rollers Gaming SelectShow

The Experiment vs. Classic Mixup SelectShow

Lower Bracket Round 1

High Rollers Gaming vs. The Experiment SelectShow

Upper Bracket Round 2

Quantic Legacy vs. Classic Mixup SelectShow

Lower Bracket Round 2

Classic Mixup vs. The Experiment SelectShow

Champion Bracket Round 1

Quantic Legacy vs. Classic Mixup SelectShow

Champion Bracket Round 2

Classic Mixup vs. Quantic Legacy SelectShow


Congratulations to Classic Mixup, who powered their way through the tournament after getting knocked out of the upper brackets to win the well-deserved trophy, and displayed an excellent showing of finesse, perseverance, and determination along the way. The games were all very close when they have to face against Quantic Legacy again in the championship bracket, and although they put up a very strong performance, it’s not quite enough to stop the Mixup wagon. GG!

1st Place: Classic Mixup – $4800
2nd Place: Quantic Legacy – $2400
3rd Place: The Experiment – $1680
4th Place: High Rollers Gaming – $1200

I’d like to extend many thanks and shoutouts to our resident genius and TF2 eXpert ShadowPuppet, who helped me tremendously during the writing of this article.

Special thanks to everyone who tuned in live, we really appreciate your viewership. If you want to see more TF2 action, give us a follow on our Twitch.TV account to get notified whenever we’re broadcasting. We often upload the VoDs to our YouTube account, give us a subcription. Join our steam group as well, we also post announcements when we’re casting! Peace out!

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