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Clip Submission Form

A new clip submission form is now available. This form will be discontinued in the near future, but you can still use it for now.

Note: We only process TF2 clips that are from scrims, mix, lobby and league matches.

Include STV demo as well if you have it! POV demo preferred for highlights, STV demo preferred for bloopers. We do not accept video files. Don't know how to record demo files in TF2? Click here for a guide.

Your Email

Player Name

Team Name

Country of Origin

Class played

Brief description (please describe what happened!)

Kind of clip:


Preference of usage (not required)

Was this clip played in a tournament or league match? (for eXample ESEA, ETF2L, UGC...)


Please provide match link if available.

Which competitive format was this played in?

6v69v9 (Highlander)4v4Other competitive format

Relevant Ticks (time in the demo)

Download Link - Please use Dropbox, Google Drive, Copy, or Mega.


I agree to let eXtv use this clip.

You know the drill:

Note: if the form gets stuck on sending, please copy your info above into a mail using this format and send it to: extvclips

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