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Weekly Respawn 5/21 – 5/27

May 28, 2012 by carpwrist

Monday May 21st

To kick off the week we have eXtravision #18, which feels complete with the word from Comedian of VanillaTF2 from across the pond. It’s about time we got a chance to work with those gents, hats off to you!

PS. Yeah, Silverados in Portland was… interesting. Treat your mom to the experience sometime.


Tuesday May 22nd

DoB takes the time to gather his teams frags from ETF2L Season 11, mixes them up with some good music and post-production. This all blends into the lovely V.I.E.R. frag movie.


Wednesday May 23rd

Pyyyour of Mihaly’s Flow is taking the camera this week. We’ve got his POV and the team comms for their match against the Mighty Ducks on Badlands.

Spoiler Inside: Match Results SelectShow


Dota 2 got treated to a ogreish patch this week, updating the Dashboard and Hero picker. The game is starting to teeter on noob friendly. It’s got a long way to go, but someday… someday I’ll win.


Thursday May 24th

We tried to get the camera out of his hands, but Pyyyour is insistent on showing off how much his team is dominating the other ESEA Invite teams. You can enjoy watching the first person point of view of Mihaly’s Flow going against makes Sense (formerly the dinosaurs).


The Flow continues as they cast the Classic Mixup vs. Quantic Legacy match later in the evening.

Spoiler Inside: Match Results SelectShow


Friday May 25th

I doubt you’ve seen a Pyro’s fury like that of Swedish Santa. All of his degreaser rampage was captured in this Moments of Glory put together by caboose.


Saturday May 26th

We end this week with a slick promotional video for the Ultiduo Tournament that should have probably gone out sooner. It’s worth the watch for those of you who didn’t make time this weekend for TF2. You can watch the actual tournament here and get the rundown with Dyonysus, Monty, and Roflcopter.


Sunday May 27th

Today’s contradictory lesson? Don’t play well enough to inspire someone to create a fan video for you. It didn’t turn out well for Ohwurster.

If you’re morbidly curious, this professional creep has more videos.

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